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About the Booty Belt



If there's one thing to know about Dominic Banks, he means business when he says he's ready to #motivatetheplanet, but with his own personal flair. The renowned women's personal trainer and fitness guru has already made a big splash in Portland, Oregon, but he has now set his eyes on a bigger pond. In 2006, he opened the glass doors of his own personal training facility in Portland's upscale Pearl District. Within the first year, his gym rose to popularity as one of the hottest places to get down and dirty. As his business and rapport thrived, Banks decided it was time to give his clients something more."The women who train with me are upfront about what they want to invest their time and money in," says Banks. "They want to look and feel sexy and are determined to get there. They trust in my workout regimen because unlike many trainers, I only train women. I focus my entire philosophy around sculpting the female physique, which is much more delicate than the male body. In my first few years of training, it seemed like the first priority on every ladies' list was getting a nice, round and toned butt. I catered several workouts to this area but one day I decided to take it to a whole different level. That's when I sat down and started drawing the blueprint for the Booty Belt." Fast forward a year and Dominic Banks was gearing up to distribute his highly anticipated creation worldwide. With a catchy name like The Booty Belt, everyone wanted to know what in the world it was and if it actually lived up to its promise. According to the women at his gym who had the chance to test out the belt before it hit the open market, the thing worked--and worked well. Not only do the variation of exercises that the belt provides actually build, lift and tone the gluteus, but the belt also hones in on the hard to reach abdominal and thigh regions. For those who are truly determined to achieve optimal results, the system includes three levels of resistance booty bands--beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

Banks, who already has much to be proud of, says he's not stopping with just the Booty Belt. He recently incorporated the name Star Body, under which he plans to release additional workout equipment and training videos after his first product's debut. "If I really want to motivate the planet, I can't stop here. I love my clients, but there is no greater reward as a personal trainer than to witness your clients achieve their dream transformation. When they regain their self-confidence and feel sexy, it's the most rewarding feeling in the world for me. This is my passion and what I have devoted my life to."