In 2012 Dominic Banks, a certified personal trainer, used his harsh life lessons, ambition and creativity, along with some help from his clients, to create something the world had never seen before called The Booty Belt®.

January 2014 - The Today Show’s, Bobbie Thomas, predicted during a live on-air demo the “The Booty Belt® is going to be the new Thighmaster”. The comparison to this iconic women’s fitness product created a lot of interest from women around the globe.

October 2015 - Kate Hudson, celebrity actress and founder of fitness apparel brand Fabletics, posts a picture of herself using The Booty Belt® on Instagram with the caption “My new obsession…Booty Belt®! This contraption is amazing.” The post went viral, sales rocketed and The Booty Belt® gained name recognition and worldwide credibility.

July 2017 - After four years of patient and hopeful waiting The Booty Belt® is granted a PATENT, making it the first fitness system of its kind. This is a true testament to the ingenuity and innovative thinking that went into creating The Booty Belt®.

March 2020 - Eva Longoria, celebrity actress and activist, posts a “stay home” video of herself using a Booty Belt® for the first time that her make-up artist, Elan Bongiorno, gave her years ago. In the video she performs all the exercises while her son searches for ants in the backyard. She ends the video with a “Booty Belllllt!” shout out and a sign of approval from her son. The post has over 1.5 million views and led to numerous editorial write ups.

The Booty Belt® has come a long way from its humble beginnings when Dominic asked one of his clients to try out his crazy new contraption. To this day, word of mouth from women around the globe continues the be The Booty Belt’s® most consistent and powerful stamp of approval.

So what is The Booty Belt®? The Booty Belt® is a patented booty building system created by a personal trainer designed to build, lift and tone a woman’s glute muscles, abs and total lower body, but the rest of the story is still unwritten…