IS THE BOOTY BELT® COMPLICATED TO USE? No, but it is important to watch the instructional video and read the instruction manual. They will tell you exactly how the belt should be used and it is important to follow these guidelines in order to achieve the best results.

DOES THE BOOTY BELT® REALLY WORK? Better than you can imagine. Just think of those old school butt blaster machines in the gym, it's like that but with many more functions and much better results. As with all fitness equipment, the more often you use it the better your body will respond.

HOW MANY TIMES A WEEK DO I NEED TO USE THE BOOTY BELT® BEFORE I START SEEING RESULTS? You’ll start feeling the results immediately. The muscle isolation of the exercises combined with the band resistance promotes the leaning and toning of your muscles. If you consistently use The Booty Belt® 3-5 times per week the resulting calorie burn and fat loss should occur quickly. We recommend giving it a solid 30 days of use, while following a low calorie, moderately high protein diet to see the best results. Results vary by individual.

WILL THE BOOTY BELT® MAKE MY BUTT BIGGER OR SMALLER? The Booty Belt® was designed to build, lift and tone your glute muscles while burning the stubborn body fat layered on top of your muscles. In reality, it enhances the body you already have naturally.

WILL THE BOOTY BELT® MAKE ME BULKY? No, not at all. Your body works too hard and burns too many calories while performing to ever bulk up while using The Booty Belt®. 

IS THE BOOTY BELT® GOOD FOR REHAB PURPOSES? Traditional rehab is always the best option for injuries. Nevertheless, you should first consult your doctor. The Booty Belt® will absolutely help strengthen your body and rebuild lean muscle that has been weakened or lost due to injury. Resistance bands are highly regarded in sports medicine, they help increase your blood circulation which promotes faster recovery time. Resistance bands are also one of the healthiest ways to fight osteoarthritis.

DOES THE BOOTY BELT® BURN CALORIES? Yes! When used correctly, The Booty Belt® can burn a large amount of calories. The bicycle exercise alone will burn up to 200 calories in 20 minutes of use.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PERFORMING THE EXERCISES WITH MY "INACTIVE" FOOT ON THE GROUND OR OFF THE GROUND? Lifting your inactive foot off the ground releases some tension and makes the exercise a little easier. This is a good place to start for beginners until you have perfected your form and are comfortable with the exercise range of motion. When you are confidently performing the exercises you should press your "inactive" to the floor for the proper amount of tension and to promote anaerobic exercise to help burn fat and gain lean muscle mass.

IS THE BOOTY BELT® GOOD FOR CORE STRENGTHENING? 1000%. You will feel the isolated burn in your core throughout the entire workout. Several of the exercises are primarily core exercises that add resistance to your lower body for a more targeted and intense workout.

ARE THE BOOTY BANDS® BETTER THAN TRADITIONAL WEIGHTS? The booty bands are not better, they are just different. When using free weights the weight resistance remains consistent throughout the range of the motion. Resistance bands increase resistance as you stretch them and eliminate the use of momentum in each exercise. It's the difference between maintaining consistent tension throughout the movement with free weights vs. increasing consistent tension throughout the movement with the booty bands.

WHY DO I FEEL SO MUCH TENSION AND BURN IN MY QUADS WHEN USING THE BOOTY BELT®? DOES THIS MEAN I AM USING IT INCORRECTLY? No, you should feel an all over the body burn, not just in your booty. When performing exercises on all fours, you can release tension in your quad by lifting the foot that is not performing the exercise off the ground. The bands support your foot in mid-air which will allow your quads to relax. For increased tension, keep the foot of your inactive leg on the ground while you are performing the exercises. 

IS THERE A WEIGHT OR HEIGHT RESTRICTION? As long as The Booty Belt® fits comfortably and your are able to perform the exercises correctly, you are able to use The Booty Belt®. There are no restrictions but consult with your physician first if you have questions.

IS THE BOOTY BELT® GOOD TO USE IN A FITNESS CLASS SETTING? Yes! The Booty Belt® system is fun and generates a very positive and motivating group atmosphere.

HOW DO I INCREASE TENSION IN THE BOOTY BANDS? Tighten the belt as comfortably snug as possible around your ‘natural’ waist. You want the booty bands firmly pressed against your lower back. This placement gives the bands a solid base which creates maximum tension.