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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Booty Belt complicated to use?

No. It is important to watch the instructional DVD and read the brochure. They will tell you exactly how the belt should be used and it is important to follow these guidelines precisely in order to receive the best results.

Does the Booty Belt really work? 

Better than you could ever imagine. Just think of a non-metallic butt blaster machine that has many more functions. Like any other fitness machine, the more often you use it, the more your body will respond.

How many times a week do I have to use the Booty Belt before I start seeing results?

You’ll start feeling the results immediately. The isolated burn fused with the pumping action promotes the leaning and toning of the muscles. With the calorie burn you get from using the Booty Belt just three-five times per week, body fat loss should occur within a few days. We recommend giving it a solid 30 days of use, while following a low calorie, moderately high protein diet to really see the best results. Results vary by individual.

Will this make my butt bigger or smaller?

The Booty Belt was made to lift and tone your glute muscles while burning stubborn body fat layered on top. In actuality, it really just enhances (lifts and tones) what you already have naturally.

Will the Booty Belt make me bulky?

Not at all. Your body works too hard and burns way too many calories to ever bulk up using the Booty Belt.

Is the Booty Belt good for rehab purposes?

Traditional rehab is always the best way to go. Nevertheless, you should first consult your doctor. The Booty Belt will definitely help to strengthen your body and rebuild lean muscle that’s been weakened or lost. Resistance bands are highly regarded in sports medicine. They help produce increased blood circulation, which promotes faster recovery time. Resistance bands are also one of the best ways to fight Osteoarthritis.

Does the Booty Belt burn calories?

Yes! The Booty Belt can burn an enormous amount of calories. The bicycle exercise burns up to 200 calories in 20 minutes.

Is the Booty Belt good for core strengthening?

Absolutely. You engage your core just by using it for its sole purpose. You will feel the isolated burn during the workout.

Are the bands better than traditional weights?

Not better, just different. Bands mainly tone the body and they help keep constant tension applied to the muscle. Traditional weights tear down and build up the muscle.

Why do I feel so much tension and burn in my quads when using the Booty Belt? Does this mean I am using it improperly?

No, you are supposed to feel a burn all over the body, not just the butt. Many of my clients have said that the belt is a full body workout and they appreciate the fact that it hones in on other areas. When on all fours, you can release tension in your quads by lifting the foot that is not performing the exercise, off the ground. The bands support your foot in mid-air, which will allow your quads to relax. To activate the tension, keep that same foot on the ground while you are performing the exercise. This tones the quad and burns a lot more calories by making the body work harder. Soon you will start loving that burn. Trust me.

Is there a weight or height restriction?

As long as the Booty Belt fits comfortably and the exercises are performed correctly, anyone can use it. We provide small, medium, large and extra-large belts to cater to women of all sizes. There are no restrictions but consult with your physician first if you have questions.

Is the Booty Belt good to use for in class?

Absolutely! The Booty Belt system is fun and generates a very positive and motivating atmosphere!

How do I increase tension in the Booty Belt bands?

Tighten the belt as comfortably snug as possible around your ‘natural’ waist. You want the Booty Belt bands pressed against your lower back. This gives the bands a more solid base which creates maximum tension.