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"I’m a 46-year-old mother of two and a grandmother of three. One of the things I have always hated most about my body is my glutes. I tried doing squats and a variation of different workouts that I found online but I never stuck with any of them. I was pretty discouraged but desperate to find a solution. That’s when I met Dominic Banks through a friend who insisted I attend his gym. I told him about my problem area and he said he had the perfect solution for me. He showed me the Booty Belt, this funky little pink and black contraption, and I had to try it!

It was compact, easy to put on, and I could immediately tell by the quality and strength of the material that he meant business when he created it. To be honest, even after the first time I used it I could feel it working areas of my lower half that I didn’t know existed! Every time I came to train with him I insisted that he incorporate the belt into my workout and soon enough I was practically begging him to sell me one. You could say I’m hooked. Even more, I can’t wait to compare pictures during the next bikini season to admire my results! I can’t thank Dominic enough for gifting me with his creation. This is by far the first piece of equipment I found that targets such a tough area that most women struggle with, but also one that actually works. I’m truly grateful and I have a newfound appreciation for my backside." -Brenda Burk


"I can’t say it enough. I absolutely am in LOVE with the Booty Belt! Up until college I never had to worry about my weight. Then, real life happened. For over 20 years I have worked in the high pressured, fast paced and stressful environment of the Mortgage Industry. I had my first child at 38, and my second at 41...both by C-Section. Now, at 43 years old needless to say my body has changed!

As a busy working Mom I was desperately looking for a workout option that was effective, versatile, AND affordable. I discovered the Booty Belt has it ALL. First, my sagging rear-end needed a big boost. When I first used the Booty Belt I could instantly feel this intense burn where I needed it most-my glutes. What's more-I was SO excited watching the easy to follow instructional video that showed so many OTHER exercises that I needed even more…primarily my abs. While I love my babies, my 2 C-sections ruined my core. The quality of the bands of the Booty Belt allow me to automatically engage my core and insure perfect form without putting any additional pressure on my back.

Finally, the "in's and out's" and the "bicycles" worked my inner and outer thighs and my quads. I feel like I am getting the same quality workouts that I am getting from using the expensive equipment at my gym but from the convenience of my own home. I can take this thing anywhere with me-it fits in my purse! Perfect for a busy working Mom like me. I cannot wait to tell all of my friends about the Booty Belt!!!" -Amy Mehas


"Within the first 20 minutes working out with Dominic I knew I was in for a challenge. The Booty Belt is not as easy as it looks! But Dom knows how to cater to women. He's motivating, inspiring but nonetheless hardcore when it comes to getting the most out of our sessions. He is one of those guys who inspires you to want to come back time and time again. It's nice to have a trainer who listens to you and caters the workouts around your individual goals.

I began working out with Dominic to slim down and tone before my wedding in 2006. I've now been training with him thru the birth of 2 kids and without Dominic as my trainer I can assure you, my life and body would never be the same. Once he created the Booty Belt I was one of the first in line to try it out and I must say, the man is a genius. Not only does this product actually do what it promises (lift, tone, and firm the glutes) but it’s something I can do while at home with the kids. My husband loves watching me use it too." -Kelsey Williams


"As a college student I love my Booty Belt! I can bring it in my bag to the gym or use it in my apartment as I listen to music! The Booty Belt is a killer workout and I have seen a huge difference in my glutes. When I first started using it, I struggled because I guess I was working muscles I hadn’t really used before. But after incorporating ten minutes workouts, about 3-4 days a week I got the hang of it. My butt get has gotten so toned from using it only for a month! My girlfriends love the booty belt and we push each other trying different exercises from our glutes, butts, and even our abs. I don’t know what I would do without the booty belt. This product is not only amazing because it’s easy to use and fun to share with friends at the gym, but it actually works! There aren’t a lot of products, especially those geared to the women’s glutes that actually gives you raid results. I encourage every woman to invest in this product!" -Elizah Aginsky


"When I first heard about the booty belt I thought it was a joke. Really? A belt that can transform my small shapeless butt into that perky round bottom that squats promised me? I didn’t want to believe it to be honest, and one of my biggest pet peeves is fitness and health gimmicks.

A friend actually purchased the belt for me just to prove that it worked. So I figured why not give it a try. I can’t lie, I struggled with this damn thing at first. I thought I was pretty strong and balanced before but apparently not. I was determined to get the hang of it so I watched the dvd and used the belt every day for two minutes for two weeks. By day three I decided to take a day off because my butt and quads were really sore. But I was excited even so. At least it meant this thing was working. That was about three months ago, since then I have seen tremendous results and I have to say I was wrong. This product works. I wanted to get that lifted look to my lower cheeks and it did that. I also notice that from the side view my butt is a lot more c-shaped than it ever was. I also have these nice little cuts in my lower abs that I wasn’t looking for but I’ll take em!

All in all, I commend Dominic Banks and Star Body for the product they created. I see major success for this company and based on the fact that I know their product works, they deserve it. By the way, yes I did actually purchase my own booty belt a few weeks ago." -Jessica McCain


"Boobs are great but I truly believe that all men are “ass men.” Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t born with much of a backside. I live in DC and if you know black men, they adore women with nice round butts. I also have a few friends who are exotic dancers and it seems like they get all the attention from eligible men out here. In college I felt like guys would talk to me until a girl with a nicer ass walked by, even though I was much prettier.

It’s frustrating! I have considered getting fat transplants and even injectables because s many girls I know are doing it that way. My home girl knows the guy who made the booty belt and she insisted that I try one before I get on the operating table. In my mind I truly thought the idea of a booty belt sounded like a fairytale. But I was desperate to find something that could help me.

Long story short, I have to say I have notice a great chance in the shape of my butt. I actually started taking pictures to log my results. I like the way my jeans fit me, and this past summer I actually wore a thong-kini to Miami. I adhere to my regular volleyball workout but now use the booty belt (intermediate bands) 3-4 times a week when I’m working on my abs at home. My confidence is rejuvenated and I’m excited to see what my backside looks like come next summer. My boyfriend has complemented me several times recently about how my butt looks in shirts and form fitting clothes, which he never did before. I can’t thank Booty Belt enough and I give this product 5 thumbs up. I actually plan to get my sister and best friend their own booty belt for Christmas so that I don’t have to share with them." -Taylor Johnson